A Trip to the Past

A Trip to the Past combines nature, rural countryside colonial cities, and tropical beaches. Explore two different countries. One full of biodiversity and tropical scenery, the other more countryside-like with colonial history.

Imagine going back in time almost 500 years and finding a complete different infrastructure and almost untouched nature.

Days 1-2
San José (1 night)

Upon arrival, spend your first night in the country’s capital and prepare for the thrilling trip ahead of you! Depending on your flight’s arrival time, you can also take city tour of San José.

Days 2-4
Arenal (2 nights)

Due to the perfect conic shaped Arenal Volcano, the Arenal Region is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica. A horseback riding tour, a waterfall visit, and bathing in natural hot springs will give you a warm welcome to the country’s northern plains.

Days 4-6
Río Celeste (2 nights)

The name Río Celeste, is neither due to the river’s (Spanish: río) name or its location, but rather to the almost not credible to the eyes’ appearing light blue color of its water. Discover the Río Celeste Waterfall along a short 2-4 hour hike within the Tenorio National Park, and the still untouched by tourism or industry location.

Days 6-8
Rincón de la Vieja (2 nights)

Visit the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, located within the national park with the same name. Your hotel is perfectly located between the rain forest of the higher mountains, and the tropical dry forest of the Guanacaste region. This is your opportunity to enjoy a hike to the active national park, a horseback ride on the slopes overlooking the Sabanas, or to simply relax in the private natural hot spring pools.

Days 9-12
Granada (4 nights)

Visit the oldest colonial city in Central America, Granada. Founded in 1524 by the Conquistadors, this small city will take you back in time where homes were made of adobe and the rural country side still remains. An hour drive will take you to the capital city of Nicaragua, Managua.

Days 13-15
Guanacaste (3 nights)

After crossing the border again, there’s nothing better than relaxing at the beach! The Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is well known for its sandy beaches and transparent ocean. Depending on your location and flight, the airport of Liberia (LIR) is less than an hour away for trip back to the present!

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