How to Travel


The way you choose to move around from place to place in Costa Rica is something to consider depending on how comfortable you want to travel and with whom you are traveling.

Although Costa Rica is one of the most advanced countries in Latin America at an economic and social level, its poor public transportation system, the lack of better infrastructure and difficult topography makes it difficult to get faster from one location to the other.

Costa Rica is about only 10.000 sq km larger than Switzerland, but its mostly volcanic mountain ranges, flatlands, beaches and rain forests are challenging barriers for a quick ride. However, scenic views whether you are traveling by bus, car, shared or private transfer or airplane will definitely add to the whole experience of discovering Costa Rica!

We recommend the following travel methods depending on your needs:

private transfer 600x400

Private Transfer

The most popular travel method for those who want unrestricted pick-up times and a personalized transfer experience. The fastest way of road traveling.


Shared Transportation

Shared transportation is provided by different companies with a travel schedule from one hotel to the other. These are not private transfers, and as result clients will be picked up on-route at a specific time. It will of course take longer to arrive at your destination.

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Those who want unrestricted traveling choose to rent a car. The great advantage is that you are free to move around at each location. It is safe to rent a car in Costa Rica. You will enjoy a driving experience you might not have had before (no freeways and potholes included). We will provide you with the best companies and the best service. However, keep in mind that due to road conditions (some dirt roads depending on you destination) renting a 4×4 is recommended.

Keep in mind that the rental cost + gas (ca. $5,2/gallon) will add up to be similar to traveling with private transfers.

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Domestic Flights

Being Costa Rica such a small country, most flights take from 30-45min. A great opportunity for getting to your destination fast an easy instead of the usual 2-4 hrs drive. There are numerous runways in the country, and depending on your destinations traveling completely by air could be a possibility.

We work mostly with Nature Air (, the world’s first certified carbon neutral airline. Special rate packages for more than one flight during your trip is a way to save some money!